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Indore future projects: ‘Sell 20 properties of IDA to usher in 5 mega plans for city’

Indore future projects: ‘Sell 20 properties of IDA to usher in 5 mega plans for city’

Mar 03, 2021


Rs 500 crores can be generated from sale of such prime properties Good Governance model can make IMC, IDA funds self-sufficient

Collector Manish Singh has said that the next five development plans of the city, including running cable car, construction of 4-lane service road at Bypass, road and bridges, can be achieved by selling just 20 properties of IDA located at Super Corridor. The selling of the properties will yield Rs 500 cr which will be enough for the city’s new-age plan.

Collector Singh was talking to media at the end of marathon meeting of the officers and staff of the Revenue Department held on Friday. Singh said ‘Good Governance’ can be a mantra of making Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) and Indore Development Authority (IDA) self-reliant in fund requirement. In this context, he cited the example of IDA, which owns 20 properties of 1 lakh square feet at Super Corridor. By selling these properties, IDA can earn Rs 500 cr. This amount is enough to achieve the 5 years development plant of the city, which presentation was made before Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan during his last city visit on Wednesday.

‘In the years development plan of the city we have proposed to roll out cable car service in traffic congested areas of the city, construction of 4 lane service lane at Bypass, missing road links and bridges etc. All this can be done with Rs 500 cr. Thereafter, we would not need the requirement of funds from the state. We will be financially self sufficient in achieving our development plans’ Singh added.

Collector mentioned that while doing presentation of city development plan before CM, we have not asked for financial support from the State Government. We have just sought necessary permissions from the State Government, like shifting of mandi to outside the city and some other development issues.

SOURCE : https://www.freepressjournal.in/indore/indore-future-projects-sell-20-properties-of-ida-to-usher-in-5-mega-plans-for-city